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Reliable ride with adjustable hydraulic ABS / OUTBRAKER!

Fujino store staff Sata is now accepting orders for bicycle adjustable hydraulic ABS “OUTBRAKER”! Thank you for installing immediately! First, you can attach it to your bike and then transplant it. Since it can be attached to hydraulic discs such as road bikes and gravel roads, from the time of the rim brake, “You have to change the brake first in the finished car!” “The new caliper is completely different!” This item is also recommended for Rhody people who are very particular about brake techniques.

In the manufacturer’s photo, there is a picture that the body is attached directly to the lever or attached to the easy hose joint, but it can also be installed in a drastic place depending on the motorcycle because the attachment location can be attached with an adapter in the middle of the hose.

We did further test rides on weekday rides. Is it necessary because the brake is at a level that works well on the step of the steep slope that you are good at and is familiar with downhill control? ? I thought, but I could clearly feel the part where my brake control was disturbing because I felt that I could pass smoothly at every step. As a result, even if you wanted smoothness and struts due to the suspension movement, you could feel that you were getting in the way.

I am looking forward to the practice of braking on a motorcycle that I don’t have equipped with. With the bike you have equipped, you can afford to expand the range of action of the bike and feel like you have a wider field of view.

In the spring, the permanent course will begin to move, and the tests in high-speed and high-load situations will advance. Currently I recommend wearing equipment at the front, but is there a good impression that you can attach it to the front and back? ? I want to try it early in mud and rainy scenes!
If you are interested, thank you to Staff Sata! !

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