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OutBraker Converts Hydraulic Disc Brakes to Single Lever System

If you’re reading this article, chances are you don’t need the OutBraker system. But don’t stop reading yet! The OutBraker is an interesting MTB product that is actually pretty useful for a lot of people, though not necessarily expert mountain bikers.

The main purpose of the OutBraker is to make braking easier, primarily by reducing the chances of going endo due to grabbing a fist full of front brakes. The device is attached inline to the front brake on virtually any hydraulic braking system, and can be tuned for optimal stopping power based on the rider’s weight and ability.

Adjustment barrel.

Even more interesting is another version of the OutBraker that allows the rider to control both front and rear brakes with a single lever. Again, this isn’t for expert riders who are capable of modulating front and rear braking based on conditions. Still, there are a number of riders who can benefit from such a system:

  • New riders can get confused in a must-brake situation and may grab just the front brake, resulting in a crash. A single lever makes a bike even more point-and-shoot.
  • Adaptive riders, specifically those with a disability that may prevent them from keeping two hands on the bars, have been using single lever braking systems for years.
  • Riders who are looking for extreme measures to save bike weight might appreciate such a system. Honestly I’m not sure about this since the OutBraker adds nearly the same amount of weight as a second brake lever, but I suppose it’s possible. If anything, it does free up bar space for suspension lockout and dropper post remotes.
Look at all that bar space!

In its current form, the OutBraker applies equal pressure to front and rear brakes but in the future the product may be offered with a different mix (say, 40% front, 60% rear.) Unfortunately overall stopping power is reduced as well so again, in its current form, this is not really a product for serious riders. Still, if you ask me, it’s an interesting concept to think about…

By Jeff Barber

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