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OutBraker 1 Lever 2 Brakes: First ABS system to brake both bicycle wheels with one hand

OutBraker 1 Lever 2 Brakes, is the most efficient active safety system on the market, specially designed for beginner cyclists and people with reduced mobility in one of the arms or hands

Thanks to the innovative technology, we avoid falls due to the wheel lock and achieve a more efficient and safe braking. It is the most effective solution for wheel locks that originate from the mountain, city or roads. In the event that electric or city bicycle drivers have to perform emergency braking, Outbraker manages to minimize the likelihood of an accident thanks to its ABS system on both wheels.
In addition, it is a perfect element for athletes who start in the world of mtb or e-bike and who prioritize safety.

The OutBraker 1Lever 2 Brakes is not intended for professional or experienced cyclists capable of mastering both brakes. Its characteristics make it an ideal element for:
 – Amateur cyclists who start in the world of mountain biking and, in cases of confusion, can brake with the front brake and cause a fall. – People with some type of disability that make it difficult to use both hands to stop. In these cases, Outbraker 1 Lever 2 Brakes is a perfect and accessible solution for all those with functional diversity. – Urban cyclists who want relaxed driving with one hand.
The 1 Lever 2 Brakes is an evolution of the Outbraker standard (designed and designed for a different purpose), it is a small element and weighs only 63 grams that works with a micro-hydraulic mechanized system compatible with any bicycle that has hydraulic brakes (Shimano, Sram, Hayes)

Its installation is very easy and fast: you disconnect the hoses – hoses, mount the OutBraker 1 Lever 2 brakes on one of the levers, bleed and we already have it installed. Once installed, it allows us to precisely adjust the braking power through 45 positions to adapt it to the variables of each person and / or terrain.

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