You are currently viewing Lobito Bikes presents its eMTB with the Outbraker mechanical ABS system

Lobito Bikes presents its eMTB with the Outbraker mechanical ABS system

During the Sant Andreu Festical SoloBici by Shimano Festival, which will be held from October 20 to 22, 2017, in Sant Andreu de la Barca, Barcelona, Lobito Bikes will present its new Lobito Limited Edition with the Outbraker Lobito ABS mechanical anti-lock braking system, Unique in the market.

Before this essential event for all lovers of sport on two wheels, Lobito Bikes will make the Lobito Limited Edition available to the public for all those interested in testing this active safety system.

In addition, optionally, you can try the exclusive Lobito Speed ​​Limiter , a quick-release device that allows the Lobito eBike to assist in pedaling whatever the running speed. For this purpose, it may be tested in a closed circuit, since with the Limiter on, the ebike cannot legally circulate on public roads when it exceeds the established speed of 25km / h.

Lobito Bikes will lend the Lobito Limited Edition to all those who have previously registered on the web .

OutBraker Lobito: An indispensable safety device

The Lobito OutBraker incorporates Korean technology, weighs only 39g and has been designed to optimize the braking force on bicycles with disc brakes to prevent accidents.

The Lobito Outbraker is installed in both the Lobito models (eBikes for adults) and the Spark models (eBikes for children ), demonstrating that, whatever the mode of driving, this product has been transformed into an indispensable improvement of active safety.

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