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Introducing the Outbraker braking system

The Outbraker system is a very interesting product, manufactured by the brand of the same name, and extremely useful for all types of cyclists, especially for beginners. Outbraker was born to facilitate braking with our mountain bike.

In addition, the Outbraker braking system can be configured to adapt to the weight and other variables of each cyclist, applying the just and necessary power in each of the brakes. A miniaturized hydraulic system, installed between the caliper and the brake lever, allows you to adjust the amount of energy used in each braking. The objective is to improve traction and, consequently, avoid accidents.

Outbraker: two brakes, one lever

Even more interesting is another version of the product, which allows the biker to handle the front brake and the rear brake with a single lever. Obviously it is not a system designed for the most experienced cyclists, capable of mastering both brakes without problems, however there are a number of cyclists who could benefit from the curious ingenuity: beginners, who in a high adrenaline situation can confuse the rear brake and the forward suffering an accident; Cyclists with a disability that prevents them from keeping both hands on the bars and even for those who prioritize the loss of their bike weight over anything else. Although, in that case, it would be a minimal advantage.

A product in process of improvement

Although today the Outbraker system exerts the same force on the front wheel as on the rear wheel, in the future it is planned that it can be configured to the taste of each biker to, for example, exert 40% of the pressure in front and 60% behind. It is in any case a product that must be greatly improved to adapt to professional cyclists, since the braking power is lower than that offered by a traditional system. If it does, and knowing the multiple advantages it provides, it is certain that the Outbraker system will end up consolidating itself as a benchmark in its sector.

We can find it in the distributor’s online store and in specialized outlets for a recommended price of € 125 , lifetime warranty included. More information | Outbraker

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