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ABS OUTBRAKER – Lobito e-bikes

The mechanical ABS for your e-MTB

To a greater or lesser extent, we have all suffered at some point an unexpected blockage of the front wheel, with the consequent risk of falling or leaving by ears above the handlebars.

These falls are usually unforeseen and cause a great loss of confidence in ourselves and in the bicycle we use.

Daniel Oliver Bultó , a former professional speed driver, knows very well the importance of the front brake in any two-wheeled vehicle. When founding the ebike brand LOBITO, Daniel as a great entrepreneur, it was very clear that minimizing these blockage risks would result in a very significant increase in the enjoyment factor in an ebike.

The approach is simple and effective. With the help of the Outbraker brake specialist , they have created the first mechanical ABS system on the market for bicycles, away from complex and heavy electronic devices (see the volume of the electronic device presented by BOSCH, which is difficult to apply in e-MTB).

The system consists of an adjustable hydraulic cylinder that is sandwiched between the front brake lever and caliper, allowing the excess pressure applied to the brake lever not to translate into excess pressure on the caliper.

We can see its operation in a test bench with the following video:

To perform the test, we have used a Lobito limited Edition , of which we already talked about its dynamic benefits in the past month of August. ( You can see our analysis ).

The system is assembled as standard in the Lobito Limited Edition, so that it further improves the value for money that this national pedelec delivers.

Before using the device, I imagined that I could lose the ‘braking touch’ to which I am accustomed to the ebike brakes that I use at a particular level. Wrong Thinking !!!

The performance of the system is optimal at high speeds (above 35km / h), at low speeds you keep the front brake feel at all times and if you want to “brake in” you can do it without problems.

It is a system designed for those moments of panic, in which you apply the front brake with more force than necessary when you go at high speed. That is exactly the situation that will help you solve the Outbraker!

During the first days of the test it may seem that you do not notice the regulation between open-closed very clearly. As you gain confidence in the system and apply great pressure to the front brake with a lot of speed is when you really notice the adjustment differences. Give yourself time and you will see that the adjustment system works.

We have tested the system for several weeks and hundreds of kilometers and it has convinced us. Simple to install, easy to regulate, not excessively heavy and the price of € 150 is consistent for an accessory that you can amortize and use in any present and future ebike.


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