E-Kickboard Exclusive

More Precise Adjustment System

E-scooter’s popularity is increasing due to its benefits. However, small size of the wheels and stand-up position may cause easy flip over even with slight weight shift. In sudden braking situation, it can be very tricky to control the brake lever, which is positioned underneath the throttle because the front brake and throttle are both positioned on the right handle.

Front & rear interlocking Outbraker can be a great help for safe braking by using the opposite hand that is not used for pulling the throttle. After installing the Outbraker with preferred braking setting, riders can enjoy braking at anytime by pulling the lever, without additional control.


OutBraker can be installed on any hydraulic brakes. Check the 3types of bolt thread and 3types of banjo kit for your brake.

Specification Details
Material : Aluminum, Stainless
Weight : Body 35g, Banjo Kit 15g
Dimensions : 45x16x32mm
Setting Range : 0-100% (0-45Click)
(45Click = Same as without OurBraker)
Warranty : 3 years
♦ Bolt Thread : 3Types
♦ Banjo Kit : 3Types


Braking will be simplified without any skills

Freely adjust your brake performance with an enclosed pentagonal wrench. OutBraker has 45clicks to modulate the brake power.

Everything is Easy

Now all you have to do is Enjoy Braking

Installation can be finished less than 5minutes and just click to set OutBraker.

How To Install


How To Set